Instant deployment of Enterprise Announcement & Service App

Similar to the WeChat Official Account , WorkPlus does not limit the number of Announcement, also not limit the number of message pushes for each Announcement.

Business Scenario        Notice Announcement   

Employee Center         Questionnaire

Activity Center             IT Service Desk       

Enterprise Knowledge Database

Menu Design

Almost the same user experience as the WeChat Announcement

Support 3*5 menu

Menu functions include hyperlinks, keyword responses, submenu

Support menu sorting

Support real-time editing

Intelligent Reply

Support Default-reply, Follow-reply and Keyword-reply

Set up an enterprise's intelligent customer service module by setting the Keyword-reply. Employees enter keywords according to the prompts and get all corporate service-related information on the mobile platform.

Material Management

Support graphics, pictures, files, voice, video, etc.

Material editing and management.

Support the configuration of image and text forwarding, downloading, and commenting permissions.

Support graphic watermark

100% Customizable
Digital WorkStation