Organization Search

Powerful Contacts search capabilities to quickly locate people, groups, organizations and devices

Search People

Search Group

Search Organization

Search Equipment

Organization Structure

Meet the Contacts requirements of medium and large enterprises for multi-organization and multi-subsidiary

Support multi-domain, multi-organization, multi-tenant

Support tree structure and weakening

Support one person with multiple positions

Personnel Information

Rich Contacts user details

Support for adding to frequent Contacts

One-click to initiate chat, phone, audio and video communication

Send SMS and Email with one click

Support one person multiple position display

Support synchronizing phone Contacts

Support custom self-description field

Organization View

Through the Organization View in the Contacts, only certain people can see certain Contacts.

Security Guard

Cleaner at the cleaning office

Leader's Dedicated Driver

External Supplier

Everyone can customize their own organization view

Executive Mode

Fine-grained executive privacy protection

The list of executives is not displayed in the general employee Contacts,   the list of executives is viewable only to the the executives.

The Contacts shows the list of executives, it supports chats between executives. Executives can directly send messages to general stuff, but the general stuff can’t send messages direct to the executives unless they have one-to-one chat history.

People Synchronization

Conveniently connect to AD/HR/OA , support configure interface graphically.

100% Customizable
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