Three Shopping Mall Models to support the needs of Online Shopping at all stages of the enterprise

Third-party Shopping Mall Access: The fastest access to third-party capabilities and the introduction of attractive "prizes" to meet consumer credits redemption needs.

Self-built Shopping Mall: to meet the needs of enterprises for future online and offline connections, and to develop online sales capabilities.

Multi-tenancy in the Mall: Multi-tenancy in the mall is supported, that is, third-party merchants who settle in the commercial section can also open stores on the credit mall.

Pre-sale, Mid-sale and After-sale,

Support the whole service process of the Mall

Commodity Management                          Logistics Distribution     

Promotion Management                        Analysis Report           

Order Management                              Good things recommended     

Customer Service                                Tenant Configuration   

Flexible Commodity Configuration Rules and Price Strategies

Precision marketing + precision service

Configure the commodity settlement method: cash, credits, cash + credits

Configure membership discount rights

Configure product credits deduction rules

Configure the base price of each member base on membership level

Configure commodity service area

Mall Wallet

Jointly integrate payment platforms, banks and other financial institutions to provide enterprise-exclusive wallet services. On the one hand, it meets the needs of members for payment pre-deposit in the mall, and on the other hand, it meets the needs of integrated institutions and settled merchants for fund clearing and settlement.

Customer Service

"Just by hearing the sound, you will know the person." The proven practice of Forever High Tech in the transformation of aviation call center is also applicable to large B-side member customer service.

Good-things to share

Selected mainstream social platforms, supporting multiple sharing modes such as links, posters, graphics, music, and videos. Provide a unified interface to quickly integrate the sharing functions of major social platforms.

The Mobile Terminal is flexible and configurable, Supports Personalization, and supports User Micro-Interactions

Through the "Edit frequently used applications" function, the most frequently used applications of users can be placed on the top position that we are familiar with, reducing the time for users to find functional entrances.

The sequence of cards can also be edited through "Edit Common Applications" and "Management Control", which can be quickly and effectively adjusted according to the user's usage habits.

100% Customizable
Digital WorkStation