Good helper for data collection, support for data permissions setting, support for automatic statistical analysis         


Drag and drop configuration form, support logical configuration, support exam template             

Support excel import, support scan to collect data, support data source configuration         


Support link and QR code

Support global forms, form template market

Automatic Analysis and Statistics

Scenario : employees health daily check in

According to the configured component type, the drop-down selection is supported.

Automatic statistics of selected items such as item boxes and check boxes.

Analysis, graphical display, automatic analysis and statistics.

Scenario : Dealer Skill Assessment

Support built-in e-form exam template

Configure exam questions              Wrong question analysis   

Automatic scoring                         Time-limited exam       

Exam by password

Smart Circulation of Form Rules

Scenario : Employee Questionnaire


Different choices made by employees for a certain option of the questionnaire will produce different logic of questionnaire circulation, making the questionnaire process more scientific and humane.

Voting in Chat

Combining the form and IM instant messaging, supports directly configuring and initiating bidding forms in the chat attachments, and the voting results are automatically displayed after the chat objects have fully voted

100% Customizable
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