MUM - Mobile User Management

The Admin Console provides organizational structure management, supports manual edition of personnel, batch import of personnel according to templates, and synchronization with LDAP to maintain the organizational structure.

User information fields can be added unlimited

Provides four general views, and can authorize specific views for specific personnel

Provide executive mode, non-executives cannot view the executive field

The client can easily and quickly view the organization Contacts. And can synchronize people to the local Contacts of the mobile terminal

MCM - Mobile Content Management


Complete mobile content management module, support Announcement & Service App menu design ( 3*5 mode)

Supports editing of content materials, including pictures, files, text, single image and text, etc.

MDM - Mobile Device Management

The user account and mobile device can be bound to each other

One person, one account to prevent account tampering and information leakage

App can be remotely locked and wiped

100% Customizable
Digital WorkStation