Chat Type


Support Single Chat, Group Chat

Support Internal Groups, Learning Groups, Project Groups


Internal Group: group automatically generated according to organizational structure

Learning Group: online and offline, study together, progress together, support document collaboration

Project Group: project communication, task division, multi-person collaboration, easier collaboration.

Instant Messaging - Operations


More message operations than WeChat


Receive Messages: copy, forward, favorite, quote, translate, delete, batch, etc.

Send Messages: copy, forward, favorite, quote, withdraw, translate, delete, batch, etc.

Instant Messaging - Strong Reminder


Must-respond Messages, fast and accurate task delivery, stronger reminder notifications that are more efficient than @


Everything will be served

Everyone must respond

Instant Messaging - Security


Burn After Reading Message and Session-grade Encryption



Burn After Reading Message

Important information leaves no traces to avoid the risk of leakage. The backend can set the reading time freely of the Burn After Reading messages.

Support Text Message, Picture, Voice.

Session Level Encryption

The content of each conversation session is encrypted with a key.

The key will changed dynamically for every session.

The key is globally unique and cannot be forged or reused.

Instant Messaging - Portal


In addition to chat messages, messages related to company business and administration are unified into the message portal


Email Reminder

Application Message Reminder

Mobile Approval Notification

Process Reminder

Meeting Reminder

Collaboration Notification

100% Customizable
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