Meeting Creation and Reminder

Set meeting content, send meeting information and materials

Generate conference schedule and remind participants

Meeting Room Reservation

Support the management of physical meeting rooms, and make unified scheduling arrangements for the enterprise's physical meeting rooms. The visualization of the mobile terminal makes the conference venue resources clear at a glance.

Instant Call

Quick launch of the chat interface

"Voice video" similar to WeChat, up to 30 people

Video Conference

Top video conferencing experience

Docking with ZOOM

Support Host Mode

Support whiteboard and doodle

Support remote control

Support share desktop

Post-Meeting Management

The meeting ability is combined with the document center, and meeting minutes and related materials can be uploaded to the document center with one click.

Centralized storage and management of conference materials, supports one-time upload of multiple documents, and supports arbitrary ordering of documents. The system supports strict distribution rights of conference materials, and sets the permissions for each participant to read, export, and view files to ensure safe and efficient use of conference materials, and support conference organizers to delete meetings and materials.

Supported file formats include but not limited to: PDF , OFFICE , WPS , JPG , PNG , BMP, etc.The fonts of meeting documents should be adaptable to prevent garbled characters and undisplayable text.

100% Customizable
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