WorkPlus Mobile Office Solutions

Meeting Agenda and Tasks

Use the calendar as the carrier to gather multi-system notifications such as meetings, tasks, and processes. Understand at a glance.


Support calendar sharing, let other people in the organization know instantly. My working status, avoid working time conflicts, and improve cooperation efficiency.

Communication & Collaboration for Projects and Tasks

Fast allocation, fast follow-up, real-time monitoring.


The Project-Group-Chat is directly associated with a project. Users can directly discuss the project in the project group, initiate project meetings, follow up project tasks, and view the Project House and understand the project overview. More focused!

Work Log

Low-code development, prefabricated modules, departmental personalization.


The combination of E-forms and Process Module supports the configuration of different work log templates according to departments and projects, and combines the functions of WorkFlow Master to realize the Approval circulation, comment and review of work logs.

Document Digitalization support File Circulation and Signature

Mainly built for the Management and New Employees.

Focus on the needs of the Management, and mobilize the management. Strengthen the timeliness and speed of management work, seize key users.

Step-by-step guide for new employees ( just like playing games and tasks ) to complete new employee orientation procedures on the mobile platform and cultivate new users.

Workflow Efficiency PK , Improve Efficiency by Ranking

Converge all process systems, internal PK, and operate based on the concept of competition.

Increase the efficiency of mobile approval through the form of ranking.

Visitor Registration

Mobile Registration, One-code Clearance

Users can enters visitor information and submits the information to the security guard through mobile terminal. After receiving the visitor's information, the guard can check the visitor by just one click and let go quickly.

Contract Management


Realize contract management through the Workflow Master.


The contract parties have clearly confirmed the text of the contract and made attachments (Word/PDF/pictures, etc.) as process attachments and entered the approval process.          


Each contract reviewer approves the contract and supports Handwritten Signature,


After the approval is completed, re-edit the Handwritten Signatures of each approver to the relevant page of the contract, and print out the new contract,


Confirm offline with a stamp. (Trigger a "Apply for Chapter" process)

100% Customizable
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