Built-in Browser on Android and PC


Solve the problem of compatibility of light apps on Android


A unified standard browser kernel is embedded in the App installation kit, so that all light applications opened in this App are displayed based on the WebView of this kernel instead of using the WebView of the native system, thus completely solving the compatibility problem.

Instant Deployment of Service & Announcement App  


'Internalizing' the Service Account version of WeChat, solving the problem of some announcements or news are not suitable for public users.


Similar to the WeChat official account , WorkPlus does not limit the number of enterprise service apps, and does not limit the number of announcement pushes per service app.

H5 Light Application Seamless Adaptation


Provides various light application capabilities.


Provides a complete Cordova Interface to call Native Capabilities.


Support calling all app messages to integrate all app notifications into one message center, the "Message" tab.


Realize the single sign-on function in the light application.

Unified management of Native Applications


Many APPs to a unified APP only.


WorkPlus downloads, installs, and opens the native application, and uses the WorkPlus security authentication center to achieve single sign-on.

Built-in Application & Service    



Already there, instant use, instant delivery, immediate access to capabilities for different business scenarios.


Provide common functions, reduce the difficulty of implementation and delivery, so that enterprises do not need to develop for common functions, and do not need to be equipped with programmers in the digital transformation process. Project implementation and delivery have become extremely easy.

100% Customizable
Digital WorkStation