Perfect Role & Permission Management

Through the configuration of role definition, role assignment, data source management, division setting, status setting, and third-party data acquisition, to improve the management of roles and permissions before process configuration.

Rich Process Form Controls

Scenario: employee overtime meal reporting process

There is no need to develop process forms, WorkPlus supports low-code 'Drag and Drop' mode, and rich Process Controls support rapid editing of process forms.

Powerful Process Canvas Ability

Scenario: Approval of employee leave

Low-code development, drag-and-drop to realize the process settings, improve mobile approval capabilities

Support free process, standard process, mixed process

Supports process types such as serial, parallel, branch, countersignature, circulation, and endorsement

Support multiple node handlers such as superiors, roles, designated persons, acquisition from controls, a specific node, external callbacks, etc.

Support process reminders, comments, printing, handwritten signatures, etc.

Humanized Process Statistics

Scenario: Small application of process efficiency

The Console can analyze and control all workflows, such as approval progress, approval efficiency, etc., support custom reports, and support API interfaces to incubate small applications based on process data.

100% Customizable
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